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personal trainer murfreesboro tn

We are Personal Trainers in Murfreesboro, TN. Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, 2nd Chance Fitness works with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll bust down barriers, unveil your true potential and take you to new heights you never thought possible.

Through science, experience, and our world-class personal trainers in Murfreesboro, we’ll have you setting and breaking personal records and help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Your results are our successes.

We are not your average trainers. We are innovators, educators, researchers, and trainers who believe in results; tangible results that do not need months to show up. Our professional training staff takes pride in their certification courses and constantly strives to stay well ahead of the curve compared to other trainers.

personal trainer in murfreesboro

It’s time for you to stop working out just to work out, or working out just because you have a membership somewhere or because it’s easier than making any other decision about your health. It’s time for you to start pushing yourself further than before, breaking barriers and reaching heights once thought unattainable. It’s time for you to get the body, health, and fitness results that will change your life once and for all.

2nd Chance Fitness offers a wide range of services aimed at shaping our customers into their best possible selves. Our training style focuses on personal instruction rather than just following along with an instructor or trainer during group classes. This focus allows each person the ability to learn at their own pace as well as continually track their progress as they advance from workout to workout.

fitness trainer in murfreesboro

The goal here is not only hitting certain numbers but helping people feel comfortable in performing movements correctly before adding weight or resistance. This is a very important factor in avoiding injuries and making progress over time.

And remember, we are not just all talk here. It’s results that count and you can see the difference training with us has made for others by clicking below!

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Here at 2nd Chance Fitness we offer programs tailored to your personal goals. We have online, virtual, and in-person training. For more information click the link below.   

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