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2nd Chance Fitness is a group of Personal Trainers located at a private personal training studio (Next Level Fitness 1917 Church St. Nashville, TN 37203) in Nashville, TN. From start to finish you will find the experience at 2nd Chance Fitness a positive and fun endeavor. From your initial consultation with our trainers, we will assess your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

Personal Training Rates

4 Sessions

personal trainer nashville pricing
  • 1 Session per week
  • No Gym Fees
  • Access to fitness app

8 Sessions

personal trainer pricing
  • 2 Session per week
  • No Gym Fees
  • Access to fitness app

12 Sessions

nashville training prices
  • 3 Session per week
  • No Gym Fees 
  • Pro Access to fitness app
  • Customized weekly meal plan

Try a session for $65 before committing to a package. 

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Nashville are you ready to:

  • Be Accountable
  • Learn about Health & Fitness
  • Reach Goals 
  • Get an individualized plan
  • Experience different exercises
  • Learn about nutrition 
  • Improve mental health
  • Implement healthy habits 

If you are ready to make a healthy lifestyle change, complete the form to have a fitness trainer personally contact you.

After this, we will develop a customized program that is unique to you. 2nd Chance Fitness offers training that is designed to help you lose weight, gain strength, get in shape, learn self-defense, or any combination of the above. Our trainers are knowledgeable and personable professionals who have succeeded in developing healthy habits within our clients.

personal trainer in nashville

2nd Chance Fitness offers hands-on personal training for both women and men in a small group setting or 1-on 1. This allows us to create individualized programs that will best suit your needs. New clients typically start out at three sessions per week with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Training options include kettlebells, bodyweight exercises using suspension systems such as TRX®, dumbbells, various certified personal trainers have been carefully selected due to their passion for exercise, nutrition, and excellent customer service.

A 2nd Chance fitness trainer is available to fit your schedule (morning, afternoon, or evening) and level of activity. A trainer is also available to fit your budget as we offer a variety of packages and payment options.

Results Driven Personal Training

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Results you can expect at 2nd Chance Fitness include: losing weight, decreased body fat percentage, increased lean muscle mass, improved mobility, speed, coordination, and balance. Some goals that you may have for yourself would be to lose weight or improve your overall fitness level.

We can help you set specific goals through our fitness consultation program so that you will know how to track your progress throughout the journey. Come in today for a session with one of our professional trainers! The owner and trainer, Secoy Reeves, will work with you to create a custom-designed program that is right for your specific needs.

In addition to helping those who are working on weight loss, those who desire more muscle mass or strength, as well as those whose goals include becoming fitter and healthier overall can choose from one of our workshops which ranges from boot camps to different challenges.

Our expertise is in fitness and nutrition which allows us to help you achieve the results that you want! Whether coming back from an injury or trying something new, 2nd Chance Fitness can help make a difference in your life.”

Looking to train virtually with us?

Here at 2nd Chance Fitness we offer programs tailored to your personal goals. We have online, virtual, and in-person training. For more information click the link below.   

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