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Welcome! My name is Secoy Reeves and I have been a trainer for 8 years now. I am the owner of 2nd Chance Fitness, based in the Nashville Metropolitan area but we serve our clients globally.

I have my certification from ISSA! We specialize in weight loss, muscle gain, or just better overall health. We also give you guidance on your macros as well.

I am a former Marine and I intended college at Carson Newman for 2 yrs and received my associate’s degree in business. I have always had a love for fitness.

Being in the Marine Corps taught me mental toughness which is key to becoming successful in life. Fitness is a lifestyle for me because it allows me to push myself further every day which in turn allows me to continually grow mentally stronger.

I love to see when people decide to change their life and stick with it. It is a beautiful thing to see people reach their goals and give me the privilege to assist in doing so.

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I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing wife!! My hobbies are work, family, and God!!!!!! 2nd Chance Fitness is very happy to be able to train and consult people around the world! We hope that we can help you achieve your goals in the future!

Professional Fitness Advice

The team here at 2nd Chance Fitness is dedicated to bringing you the best professional advice that we’ve gathered over our years of experience. Most supplement companies are just trying to push a product. Here at 2nd Chance Fitness, we review products out here and give our professional recommendations. Our team of experts are constantly studying and dropping knowledge every day. We hope you can benefit from our research and recommendations.

I want to let you know, the products I’ve researched are backed by scientific studies.

2nd Chance Fitness is dedicated to bringing you an honest opinion about each product we review. Most supplement companies haven’t done any testing on their own products! We take pride in providing information that actually means something. The truth is, very few supplements work at all! Even fewer do what they claim to do.

We listen closely when real users speak up about specific issues with ANY product that might appear at 2nd Chance Fitness.. Whenever possible, we try it out ourselves… if not, we make sure someone who has tried the product provides us with a detailed review.

2nd Chance Fitness is the absolute line in the sand when it comes to supplement research. I hope you find our Reviews and Recommendations valuable, just like many others who have benefited from them already. It’s time for you to stop wasting your money on crappy products that simply don’t work!

2nd Chance Fitness recommends that you should never order a supplement before first learning about the ingredients. — The first thing you should look for is a “Key Ingredients” section on the product description. — If it doesn’t have one, move on!

If a company isn’t going to tell you exactly what’s in their product, they probably have something to hide… if not from you… from your wallet.

– 2nd Chance Fitness really does provide honest reviews. – We do so because we care about people, and want them to save money – as well as avoid wasting time and energy with products that don’t work.

– 2nd Chance Fitness provides recommendations based upon specific research which benefits real users across the board. – As said before, many supplement companies simply aren’t concerned about these things, they just want your money.

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Our trainers are experts in all areas of fitness, from weight loss to muscle building. They are always up for a challenge, and they are passionate about helping their clients achieve success. They will work with you one-on-one to create a personalized training program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to nutrition, as each person's body is unique. We tailor your diet to fit your body type which helps maximize your health and performance.

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